Forms for Faculty and Staff

Graduate Studies

Graduate Curriculum Proposal Forms

Graduate Studies Experimental Course Proposal Form [DOC]
Graduate Studies New Course Proposal Form [DOC]

New Graduate Program Proposal Forms*

New Graduate Program Proposal Criteria [PDF]
New Graduate Program Statement of Intent [DOC]
New Graduate Program Full Proposal Form [DOC]

Forms for MA, MSc & MDP programs:

Thesis Title and Examination Form [PDF]
Thesis Writing Term Form [PDF]
Graduate Student Annual Progress Report Form [PDF]

Program Review Documents:

Process for Program Reviews [PDF]

Revised Self-Assessment Guidelines [PDF]

Other Forms
Graduate Student of Highest Distinction Award Guidelines [PDF] (Submission deadline: April 15 to Deanna England,

*Please consult with Deanna England, Graduate Studies Officer prior to submitting these forms to the Faculty of Graduate Studies