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Live in Manitoba

Canadian Culture

Canadian society is often described as a “mosaic” or as multicultural. You will find that if you ask a Canadian about their ethnicity or nationality, they will often respond by telling you about the ethnicity or nationalities of her ancestors (“I’m part Scottish, part Mexican, and part Métis”). This is not because Canadians are not proud to be Canadian, but because Canadians hold their ethnic backgrounds very closely. Even a second, third, or fourth-generation Canadian may have a very strong ethnic or national identity—with a set of unique customs and traditions that come from his immigrant ancestors. For these reasons, it is often difficult to identify “Canadian” foods, customs, or cultures.

For more information, please visit: Canadian Cultures - Information for New Students.

Province of Manitoba

Seeing Winnipeg & Surrounding Area

There are lots of fantastic things to see and do in Winnipeg and the surrounding area. IIRSS regularly hosts events which are a great way to meet other students and see some of the great things that the area has to offer.

You can also check out these websites for more information:


Winnipeg is a vibrant and diverse city and the University’s downtown location, makes it the ideal place to explore from. You’re minutes away from our largest arts and cultural events, sporting venues, recreation and entertainment facilities, amazing food and shopping. It’s the perfect spot to discover our long tradition of excellence in the arts, see the latest show, or take in a professional football, hockey, and baseball game.

To learn more, please visit: Discover Winnipeg.

Drivers Licensing

It is the responsibility of every student planning to drive in Manitoba to know the laws and practices of the Government of Manitoba.

For more information on drivers licensing or driving laws, please contact Manitoba Public Insurance.

For information on International Drivers licensees, including if you’re from the United States, and how to obtain a Manitoba License, please visit: Driver's licence Information.

Weather and Clothing

It is a big adjustment to live in a climate which is very different from the one to which you are accustomed. In Winnipeg, there are four distinct seasons (summer, fall, winter, and spring) with temperature varying between -35 degrees Celsius in the winter and +35 degrees Celsius in the Summer. Depending on the season, the number of hours of sunlight can also change dramatically.

For more information, please visit: Weather and Clothing.