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Graduate Student Knowledge Mobilization Grants (Travel Grants)

The purpose of the Graduate Student Knowledge Mobilization Grants (formerly "Graduate Student Travel Grants") is to support the professional advancement of graduate students and raise the profile of the University by providing funding towards costs associated with knowledge mobilization activities such as presenting at conferences (in-person or virtual) and publication in open access venues.

The University of Winnipeg Travel Policy regulations apply to all travel funded by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Please the review instructions and information below prior to completing the online application form.

Value and Limit

The maximum value of each Graduate Student Knowledge Mobilization Grant is $750.00. A graduate student may only receive one Knowledge Mobilization Grant per fiscal year (April 1-March 30).

Application Deadlines

Applications are due on the 15th of each even-numbered month: October, December, February, April, June, and August.

  • Applicants must be enrolled in one of The University of Winnipeg's graduate programs, or one of the Joint Master's Programs with the University of Manitoba
  • Applicants must be active participants in research dissemination/knowledge mobilization whether at a conference (in-person or virtual) or through open-access publication
  • The date of the conference or submission of open-access fees must occur later than the date of the application deadline as funding cannot be provided retroactively
  • Priority will be given to applicants who are invited by conference organizers to present a peer-reviewed paper or poster, a keynote address, or to participate in knowledge mobilizing role, as well as applicants who have been invited to submit an open-access publication
  • Open-access publications must be submitted to sources that employ a peer-review process when selecting papers for publication
  • Eligible expenses may include: airfare/transportation, accommodation, publication fees, conference registration fees, and daily subsistence (per diem)
    • Airfare/transportation, accommodation, and subsistence are not considered eligible expenses for open access publications and virtual conferences
Grant Allocation

Grants are allocated based on the budget and the following criteria:

  • The significance of the research
  • The relevance of the conference or publication venue to the applicant's current research or field of study
  • The level of involvement of the applicant in the conference or publication
  • The quality and prestige of the conference or publication
Application Procedures

Students should first discuss their application with their University of Winnipeg advisor or supervisor in order to solicit a letter of support for their application. These letters are not anonymous and are uploaded by the student as part of their application.

Prior to applying, students should gather the following documents and information:

  • Applicant Details
  • Event/Publication Venue Details
  • Abstract for presentation or publication
  • Proof of acceptance to conference or publication venue (if applicable)
  • A list of estimated expenses
  • A list of other funding sources to which the student has applied or may apply
  • Letter of support from supervisor/advisor
    • The supervisor/advisor’s letter should comment on the scholarly significance of the presentation/publication as well as the significance of the event/publication venue to the applicant’s field of research. Applicant’s may wish to direct their supervisor/advisor to this page and the Information for Advisors/Supervisors section

Students then complete the online application form which will ask them to upload all documents. A copy of the student's application will be sent via confirmation email to the student, and their advisor/supervisor will be notified of the submission as well.

Information for Advisors and Supervisors

For the purposes of the travel grant application and travel grant reimbursement procedures, the UW faculty member who authors and signs the student's letter of support for their application is deemed the student's advisor/supervisor.

Your letter of support is not anonymous and should be given directly to the applicabt to submit as part of their application. The letter will be used to assess:

  • the scholarly significance of the applicant's presentation/publication
  • the significance, quality, and prestige of the event/publication venue within the applicant's field of research

You will be notified via email once the student has submitted their application.

Information for Successful Applicants and their Supervisors/Advisors

Notification of Results and Travel Account Creation

  • Successful applicants, their supervisors/advisors, and their graduate program chairs are notified of competition results via email
    • The email includes a letter informing the student of the amount of their award and a UW Travel Grant Allocation Agreement
  • Students must sign the allocation agreement and return it to graduateawards@uwinnipeg.ca within ten (10) business days of receipt
  • Upon receipt of the signed Allocation Agreement, the Grad Studies Office forwards the agreement and the students' and supervisors' names to Financial Services
  • Financial Services creates an account under the name of the supervisor/advisor and student, the account name and number are sent to the supervisor/advisor, who should share it with the student

Submission of Reimbursement Paperwork

  • All reimbursement paperwork must be submitted within 30 days upon the student's return from travel or submission of publication fees
  • Students should complete a Travel Expense Claim Form (available on Financial Services: Forms) using the account number provided to them by their supervisor.
  • The following documents must be submitted to graduateawards@uwinnipeg.ca along with the travel expense claim form:
    • A copy of the conference's agenda/schedule, or letter of invitation to submit publication
    • Receipts for all expenses claimed on the form (digital receipts and scanned receipts are accepted)
    • E-ticket/boarding pass or travel itinerary showing both departure and return flights/busses/trains
  • Both the student and supervisor/advisor should sign the form, and the student should email the travel expense claim form along with copies of all receipts and boarding passes to graduateawards@uwinnipeg.ca.

Please complete your claim form carefully and ensure that you are not missing any receipts or documentation. Incomplete or missing information can delay or even prevent the receipt of your grant.