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Visiting, Exchange, or Occasional Student

Students who wish to take graduate courses in University of Winnipeg, but who are not enrolled in a graduate program or who are registered in a graduate program at another institution, may qualify to enrol in graduate courses at the University of Winnipeg under one of the following categories of student. For further information, please consult the Admissions Categories section of The Faculty of Graduate Studies Policies and Guidelines.

Visiting Students are students who are registered in a graduate degree program at another post-secondary institution in Canada or outside of Canada and would like to take courses at The University of Winnipeg for transfer credit back to their "home" institution.

Exchange Students are students coming to The University of Winnipeg from another university under the auspices of a specific collaboration agreement between the two universities.

Occasional students are students who are qualified to enroll in graduate courses but do not wish to enroll in a full program.

See the information sheet regarding Immigration for Visiting and Exchange Students Studying for One Term (Less than 6 Months) for more information.

For questions about enrolling in graduate courses at the University of Winnipeg under these statuses, please contact Dagmawit Habtemariam, Graduate Studies Admissions and Student Tracking Officer at 204-786-9309 or d.habtemariam@uwinnipeg.ca.