Late Registration and Fee Payments

Graduate Studies

Once the registration is submitted, it is each student's responsibility to view WebAdvisor for applicable fees owed and to pay the fees by the deadlines indicated.

All Graduate Programs

All programs, expect for Marriage & Family Therapy and Theology, are assessed a yearly Program Charge. The Program Charge is applied once a year and is normally triggered once the registration form is submitted. In order to trigger this charge, the registration forms must be completed. If, due to late registration submission, this Program Charge is applied after the course change period for the Fall or Winter term or after May 1st in the Spring/Summer term, late Program Charge and registration fees will be applied. 

Late Registration Fees:
Program Charge late registration fee: $125.00
Late registration fee (subsequent terms): $ 25.00 / course

Late Payment Fees:
Program Charge late payment fee: $125.00 if fees owing greater than $500.00
$ 75.00 if fees owing between $250.00 - $499.99
$ 25.00 if less than $250.00

Tuition Fees can be found here.

Marriage & Family Therapy and Theology Students

All courses must be registered by the deadlines indicated. Courses registered after said deadlines will incur a $25.00 late registration fee per course. Payment is required by said deadlines or a $25.00 late payment fee per course will be applied.

Sponsored Students

If you are a sponsored student, you must identify this accordingly on the registration form you complete when registering for courses (check box).  Please note: The Authorization to Invoice form must be completed by the sponsoring agency and submitted to Erin Proctor at Student Central BEFORE the deadline to pay fees or applicable late payment fees will be applied.  For more questions about sponsors, please contact Erin Proctor  at 204-786-9884.