Qualifying Year Tuition and Fees

The fees listed below are for the 2021-22 academic year. Please check back soon for 2022-23 fees.

Domestic and International Qualifying Year Tuition

Domestic Students:
3 Credit Course: $471.10 plus incidentals (approx $677.29 total)
6 Credit Course: $942.00 plus incidentals (approx $1253.00 total)

International Students:
3 Credit Course: $1836.00 plus incidentals (appox $2042.19 total)
6 Credit Course: $3672.00 plus incidentals (approx $3983.00 total)
plus applicable health insurances / International students are subject to UWSA Health Plan and Manitoba Blue Cross charges / please contact Eric Benson (e.benson@uwinnipeg.ca) for amounts

Qualifying Year Incidental Fees 2021/2022 – Domestic & International Students

In addition to the Qualifying Year tuition, incidental fees, listed below, are also applied.

For more detailed information, please consult the Glossary of Fees.

RecPlex Fee
$37.50 / term 

$15.39 / 3 credit hour

UWSA Building Fee
$2.31 / 3 credit hour

Information Technology Fee
$22.50 / 3 credit hour

Non-Refundable UWSA Fees
$67.53 / year

Fitness Centre Fee
$46.98 / year

Facility Fee
$13.98 / 3 credit hour

Additional Fee Information

The University of Winnipeg Student Association (UWSA) Health Plan: 

Manitoba Blue Cross (Basic and Emergency Coverage) + UWSA Greenshield Coverage (Extended Coverage)
International students are enrolled in - Manitoba Blue Cross (Basic and Emergency Coverage) + UWSA Greenshield Coverage (Extended Coverage). Please note that Manitoba Blue Cross and Greenshield coverage are mandatory for all international students, and they are automatically enrolled approximately 5-10 working days after registration is complete.

For information on UWSA opt-out/opt-change, please consult the UWSA website. For more information about the UWSA Health Plan, please contact the UWSA at health@theuwsa.ca or via phone at 204-786-9992.

Students will not be able to opt out of Manitoba Blue Cross unless they have a valid Manitoba Health card. For more information about MB Blue Cross, please contact International, Immigrant and Refugee Student Services at iirss@uwinnipeg.ca or via phone at 204-786-9469.

UPASS is a transit pass for unlimited use on Winnipeg Transit services from September 1 to April 30. Only full-time students are eligible to receive the UPASS. Your student ID card is required when using this pass.

For more information, please consult the UWSA website.

For tuition fee payment deadlines, click here.