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Qualifying Year Tuition and Fees

2023-2024 Qualifying Year Tuition and Fees


Domestic Students

3 Credit Course: $501.15
6 Credit Course: $1002.30

International Students

3 Credit Course: $1,954.35
6 Credit Course: $3,908.70

International student fees also include applicable health insurances. International students are subject to UWSA Health Plan (Greenshield) and Manitoba Blue Cross charges. Please contact Eric Benson (e.benson@uwinnipeg.ca) for amounts

Incidental and One-Time Fees

In addition to the Qualifying Year tuition, Qualifying Year students also pay incidental and one-time fees. Domestic and International Students pay these at the same rate.

For more detailed information, please consult the Glossary of Fees.

Incidental Fees - Domestic and International
UWSA Fee $5.66/credit hour
UWSA Building Fee $0.85/credit hour
Recplex Fee $39.55/term
Facility Fee $4.97/credit hour
Information Technology Fee $8.25/credit hour

One-Time Fee - Domestic/International
Non-Refundable UWSA Fees $74.58/year
Fitness Centre Fee opt-in: 12 months $170.00
Fitness Centre Fee opt-in: 8 months $131.00
Fitness Centre Fee opt-in: 4 months $73.00

Late Payment Fees
$25.50 per course

Late Registration Fees
$25.50 per course

Additional Fee Information

The University of Winnipeg Student Association (UWSA) Health Plan: 

Manitoba Blue Cross (Basic and Emergency Coverage) + UWSA Greenshield Coverage (Extended Coverage)
International students are enrolled in - Manitoba Blue Cross (Basic and Emergency Coverage) + UWSA Greenshield Coverage (Extended Coverage). Please note that Manitoba Blue Cross and Greenshield coverage are mandatory for all international students, and they are automatically enrolled approximately 5-10 working days after registration is complete. Domestic students may opt-in to the UWSA Greenshield health coverage.

For information on UWSA opt-out/opt-change, please consult the UWSA website. For more information about the UWSA Health Plan, please contact the UWSA at health@theuwsa.ca or via phone at 204-786-9992.

Students will not be able to opt out of Manitoba Blue Cross unless they have a valid Manitoba Health card. For more information about MB Blue Cross, please contact International, Immigrant and Refugee Student Services at iirss@uwinnipeg.ca or via phone at 204-786-9469.

U/GPASS is a transit pass for unlimited use on Winnipeg Transit services from September 1 to April 30. Your student ID card is required when using this pass. Only full-time students are eligible to receive the U/GPASS. The U/GPass is $215.60/term for Fall and Winter term. For more information, please consult the UWSA website

For more information, please consult the UWSA website.

For tuition fee payment deadlines, click here.