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Student Award Payment Process

Awards paid out through the Awards and Financial Aid Office are dispersed in the following method. All of the award funding secured by a student from all sources is totaled and then distributed to that student. The principles for distribution of student awards will be applied:

  • awards of less than $5,000 will be paid in one term;
  • awards totalling between $5,000 and $9,999 will be paid over two terms, 60% in the first term and 40% in the second term;
  • awards totalling $10,000 or more will be paid over three terms, 40% in the first term and 30% in each of terms two and three.

For example, if you are holding a UWGSS worth $15,000 and a bursary worth $1000 for a total of $16,000, then the total amount of your award would be paid out over three terms, 40% in the first term and 30% in each of terms two and three. 

In all cases, the total amount is applied first to any outstanding fees on your student account, with the remaining funds paid to you via cheque in one lump sum. Please make sure your address is updated on your student account available on webadvisor. Typically, this cheque is issued in the second month of the term. For example, if you are receiving an award payment for the Fall term, you would receive your payment would be applied first to your student account by the end of September with a cheque for the credit amount issued to you in October.


If you have any questions, please contact: gradstudies@uwinnipeg.ca