Research Office

Chris Bidinosti and Chris Henry

© David Lipnowski Photograph

Dr. Manish Pandy and Dr. Melanie O'Gorman


Shanae Blaquiere

The Research Office at The University of Winnipeg serves our faculty and our students in their exciting and strengthening commitments to a rich array of research projects in our five Faculties.  Current research at The University of Winnipeg is vitally related to our mission to engage with several communities.  We are a community of scholars and scientists who pursue basic research that inquires into fundamental questions in each of the academic disciplines.  At the same time, we work in an institution vitally engaged in applied research that engages with and transforms the local, national, and international communities that we live among.  These commitments and goals are neither incompatible nor mutually exclusive, any more than our research activities are unrelated to our teaching.  On the contrary: excellent basic and applied research often support and inform each other, just as excellent teaching and research are often mutually nourishing.  The profiles in this volume show just how vibrant a research community The University of Winnipeg is becoming and has been.  Our future as an excellent research and teaching community depends upon, and extends our traditions. That is just as it should be.

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