Fee Payment Deadlines

University of Winnipeg fee statements/invoices are not mailed out. It is the responsibility of the student to view WebAdvisor for all fees that are outstanding as well as applicable due dates.

The Spring 2020/21 deadlines for tuition and fee payments are as follows:

Spring/Summer Term "course-based" MFT students: due April 10, 2021 
Spring/Summer Term (all other programs) including "program-based" MFT Students:
 due May 15, 2021

The 2021/2022 deadlines for tuition and fee payments are as follows:

MiM First Year Payment: due August 1, 2021

Fall & Fall/Winter Terms: due September 23, 2021
Winter Term: due January 24, 2022
Spring/Summer Term "course-based" MFT students:due April 10, 2022
Spring/Summer Term (all other programs) including "program-based" MFT Students: due May 15, 2022

Late payment fees will be applied if paid after these deadlines.

A detailed breakdown of the 2021-22 fee payment deadlines and tuition amounts is available here.

1, 2 or 3 week Intensive Courses 
Due two weeks prior to course commencement.

Certificate in Theology, Directed Study/Project, SPE Courses
Due by the first day course begins.

Program Fees with a Start or Renewal Term of Spring
Due May 1st of each year (all programs excluding Theology & MFT).

For courses that do not fall into the categories listed above, please contact Eric Benson, Coordinator, Student Records (Graduate Studies) 204-786-9466 Room 1Ri26 (First Floor Rice Building).

Scholarship Recipients
Some scholarship recipients will have their funds applied directly to their student account, which may occur after the fee deadline date. If you are a scholarship recipient and have questions about how your fees will be paid, please contact Dagmawit HabtemariamGraduate Studies Enrolment and Budget Officer, at 204-786-9309. 

NOTE: All Joint Masters Program students pay their fees via The University of Manitoba