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What are you interested in?

If you are interested in …

Then consider exploring these academic subjects:

The physical world around you

Physical Geography, Archaeology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Anthropology, Bioanthropology

Learning more about animals (including humans), plants, microbes

Biology, Kinesiology and Applied Health, Biochemistry, Neuroscience

Working with computers

Applied Computer Science, Technique Geography.

The human mind and behaviour; the development of identity

Psychology, Sociology, Developmental Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, Religion and Culture; East Asian Languages and Culture.

Understanding societies and cultures, and the issues which arise when we share a common location but have many ideas and values regarding living together

Urban and Inner City Studies, Human Rights, Conflict Resolution Studies, Indigenous Studies, Human Geography, Religious Studies, History, Cultural Anthropology, Classics

Mathematics and working with numbers

Statistics, Physics, Mathematics, Economics, Accounting (see Business Administration)

Languages or the rich worlds of literature and communications

Cree, Ojibway, Japanese, Mandarin, German, French, English, Italian, Spanish, Interdisciplinary Linguistics, Rhetoric, Writing and Communications

The world of ideas and abstract thinking

Philosophy, Classics, Linguistics, History of Art

How we as a people organize ourselves and develop systems to support our co-existence within communities, societies and nations

Business Administration, Aboriginal Governance, Sociology, Political Science, Criminal Justice, Economics, Human Rights, Urban and Inner City Studies, International Development Studies

Hands-on learning

Conflict Resolution Studies, Kinesiology and Applied Health (Athletic Therapy), Business Administration, Theatre and Film, and any courses with labs (science courses and language courses)

The Arts, and the desire to be immersed in the world of creative expression

History of Art, Rhetoric, Writing and Communications, Classics, Theatre and Film, Religion and Culture, English (Creative Writing) and other languages

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