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First-Year Information Videos

This 9-part video series explains how to plan your program of study and select courses. 

Video #1:  University Terminology
– introduces the key terms you need to know for degree planning and registration


Video #2:  Degree Building Blocks
– explains the requirements and electives that make up a degree


Video #3:  Academic Calendar Overview
– describes what’s inside the Academic Calendar, an important document for degree planning


Video #4:  Areas of Study
– focuses on the important program information in the Academic Calendar


Video #5:  Course Descriptions
– focuses on the course descriptions in the Academic Calendar


Video #6:  Online Resources
– provides helpful online resources you can use throughout your time at UWinnipeg


Video #7:  Course Load
– discusses how to choose the right number of courses for you


Video #8:  Course Selection
– describes different approaches to selecting courses


Video #9:  Registration
– explains the registration process