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Where Do I Find Course Information?

These are the resources for choosing and registering for courses:

Academic Calendar
This annual publication is a catalogue of all the programs and courses that the University offers.  It also outlines the rules, regulations and policies of the University. The calendar is available in PDFs on the website.

Two important sections to become familiar with:

Timetable This is a schedule that lists all courses being offered in the upcoming terms.  It’s a big list, organized by department, available as a large PDF on the website. 

For each course offered, you’ll see the course title, credit hours, term(s), days, times, instructor, location, etc. 

Remember: Courses are offered in three terms = Fall, Fall/Winter, Winter.

Courses can have multiple sections – the same course offered on different days, times, with different  instructors.  Most 1000-level courses have many sections.  You will usually have many choices. 

Some courses have labs.  The lab is a required part of the course.  In addition to choosing the course, you must select one section of the lab.  There are usually multiple sections - different days and times with different instructors - to choose from.

Look at the Timetable for "important notes" about courses – this is information you need to know.

WebAdvisor& Student Planning

WebAdvisor is the University’s online registration system. 

As a "guest" on the system, you can search and read about courses, see when they are offered (terms, dates, times, locations etc.), if space is available, and important notes.

As an admitted student with an ID and password, you can login to WebAdvisor and use the "Student Planning" tool to plan out your entire program, choose courses for an upcoming Term(s) and then actually register for them on your assigned Registration date/time.

For instructions on how to use Student Planning, please see:

Registration Process

Timetable Worksheet (blank)

This Registration Process webpage outlines the basic steps in registration and brings together all the tools and information you need in the process.

Through Student Planning, you can create a timetable online.   You can also use blank timetable worksheets for drafting your schedule.

Take a look at your toolbox:

Don't know what a word means? Look it up here: Glossary [pdf]

For more on Student Planning: