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Check your Webmail Account

It’s very important for you to keep in touch by checking your Webmail account every day.  

Between now and the first day of classes, a lot can happen – some courses fill up, others may be cancelled, and some sections and labs could be added. If you’re on a wait list, you may be notified about an open seat or a new section.   

Check your webmail account DAILY for news on…

  • course cancellations
  • an open seat - If you’re on a WAIT LIST, this is how you will be notified IF a spot becomes available for you; you’ll have 72 hours to claim your seat or it will be given to the next person on the wait list. Don’t miss out!
  • a new section - If you are on a wait list that is very long, the department MAY decide to offer a new section at a different time. An email will be sent to you to announce this new section. You have the option of either staying on the wait list OR registering. But do not wait too long to decide - it may fill up quickly!

Also, see the Wait Lists webpage for instructions on getting on and managing wait lists.