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Create Your Timetable

You can create your own timetable online through "Student Planning" in WebAdvisor.  You can do this in advance so you can just submit it electronically on your assigned registration date/time.  Here are the basic steps for timetabling (scheduling) your classes:

  1. Remember there is a “Fall Term” and a "Winter Term" as well as a "Fall/Winter Term."

  2. Slot in a section of each of your chosen courses into your timetable.

    • Fill in full (6-credit hour) courses first.
    • Fill in courses with labs.  
    • Add any Fall Term (3-credit hour) half-courses and Winter Term (3-credit hour) half-courses.

  3. You can play around with different combinations. It usually takes a few tries to get a schedule that works.

  4. Also, identify at least one alternative for each of your choices, in case your selection is full (you can put yourself on a waitlist but space may not become available).

TIP: When you are timetabling your courses for the week, don’t make the schedule too crowded.  Leave some time, here and there, in between classes so you can read over notes or work on assignments before or after a class.  If a test is coming up, you can review the material one last time before the test.

Once you have drafted YOUR timetable, you may want to consult an Academic Advisor.  You'll see how to get some feedback through Student Planning or visit the Academic Advising webpage for details.

You may also find it useful to use blank Timetable Worksheets [PDF].