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How To Pay?

There are many ways you can pay your tuition and fees:  through your financial institution, by credit card, by cheque (mail or drop-off box), or in-person at Student Central (only cash, cheque, and Interac accepted, NOT credit cards).  For details, please see: Payment Information

TIP! - Pay tuition the easy way:  through your financial  institution (online, telephone banking or in-person at any branch). 

  • Add "The University of Winnipeg" as a bill payee.
  • Use your seven-digit student number as your account number. 
  • Enter the amount (see your account on WebAdvisor) and choose bank account from which to pay.

Paying by Credit Card?  Please note:

  • Credit card payments can ONLY be made through WebAdvisor.  A convenience fee of $75.00 will be charged.
  • Credit card payments are NOT accepted at Student Central.

International Students: 

UWinnipeg has partnered with "flywire" to offer an innovative and streamlined way to transfer international student payments.   With flywire, you are able to pay from any country and any bank at any time.  It is fast, simple and cost effective.  Please visit:  International Wire Transfers. 

Please note that only Canadian cheques are accepted here and online payments are available only through Canadian banks.  You will need to open a bank account here first in order to use these methods of payment.  Credit card payments are accepted online but a convenience fee of $75.00 will be charged.

Is your payment being made through awards, student loans, an agency or a sponsor?  Here's what you need to do:

If your payment is made by…

Then students must…

A sponsor

Ensure that your sponsor submits an Authorization to Invoice Form to Student Financial Services before the due date for fee payments.

Non-University of Winnipeg scholarships and bursaries

Submit documentation to the University Awards and Financial Aid Office before the due date for fee payments by mail, email or in-person. Please be sure to include your student ID number.

Canada Student Financial Assistance Program through MANITOBA STUDENT AID
(full-time funding)

Apply online:  manitobastudentaid.ca

If approved for funds, your enrolment is electronically confirmed by Awards and Financial Aid staff once prompted by Manitoba Student Aid. Owing tuition and associated fees will be deducted from loans/grants and paid directly to the University. Campus living and books and supplies must be paid for on your own.

You can check the status of your student aid application, find out what documentation is still outstanding, update your address information and much more on-line. Go to MySAO to log into your account.

Need Help Applying?  The Manitoba Student Aid office is open 8:30-4:30, Monday to Friday. They have computer stations and front-desk staff available to assist you, and are located on the 4th Floor, 1181 Portage Avenue in Winnipeg.

Canada Student Financial Assistance Program through
(full-time funding)

Most require an online application. Some will require a paper application. Visit your provincial student aid branch website for more information on how to apply:

Note: Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and the province of Quebec operate their own student assistance plans. If you are a resident of Nunavut, the Northwest Territories or Quebec, contact the provincial or territorial student financial assistance office for further information.

Canada Student Financial Assistance Program
(PART-TIME funding)

Paper application and Certificates of Eligibility (release of loan/grant funding) documents are signed by Awards and Financial Aid staff in-person. 

The Awards and Financial Aid office is located in room 2Ri06 - 2nd Floor, Rice Centre - 489 Portage Ave. Drop-in hours are 8:30-4:00, Monday-Friday.

The application is available online here:

TIP: If you applied for Manitoba Student Aid and were denied or approved for insufficient funding, the staff in Awards and Financial Aid may be able to help you make an appeal for additional assistance. No appointment is needed. Just bring your Notice of Assistance with you to the Awards and Financial Aid office, 2Ri06 - 2nd Floor, Rice Centre - 489 Portage Ave. Drop-in hours are 8:30-4:00, Monday-Friday.