When Can I Register?

Accepted Students

Student at computer registering for courses

For students starting in Fall Term, the University will assign you a registration date/time. 

This information will be sent to your University webmail account in early June. 

Your assigned registration date/time is your first – and best! - chance to go on any computer (with internet access) and register online for courses.  You’ll have the best choice of courses on this date/time.   

  • Mark down YOUR registration start date/time on your calendar as soon as you receive it. Your assigned date/time will be in mid to late June.

  • Start thinking about your course choices now:  See “What to Study”  

  • Plan to pick your courses and prepare a timetable through WebAdvisor/Student Planning AT LEAST THREE DAYS in advance of your assigned registration date/time.  See “Registration

  • After you've completed the registration process, there are a few more tasks to do.  See "Getting Ready"

For students who missed the registration period in mid-June, or those starting in Winter Term

As soon as you receive your Official Letter of Acceptance, you will be able to register online for courses.

  • Choose your course choices right away:  See “What to Study

  • Prepare a timetable and register online through WebAdvisor/Student Planning as soon as possible.  You can use any computer with internet access; you'll also need your username and password, which were provided to you after you first applied to the University.  See “Registration

  • After you've completed the registration process, there are a few more tasks to do.  See "Getting Ready"

Other Important Things to Know about Registration

  • IF - for any reason - you miss your date/time you can still register afterwards, but know that the longer you delay, the less choice you may have.  Courses do fill up.

  • IF you’ve lost or forgotten your User ID or password, click on ‘Log in’ at the top of WebAdvisor and follow the prompts.  You may be asked for your student number.

  • IF you need further assistance with your User ID or password, please contact Student Central.

  • IF you would like to designate someone else (e.g. parent or guardian) to register on your behalf, you must complete and submit an "Authorization for Release of Information" form.  See Forms

  • IF you do not have a computer with internet access, you can use computers on campus at Student Central or choose Other Ways to Register.