Questions About My Acceptance

Accepted Students

Q: Can I get back my original credentials (transcripts or diplomas/parchments), now that I've been accepted?

A: If your transcripts are Canadian, they become property of the UWinnipeg Admissions Office and are not returned.

Original graduation diplomas/parchments from other institutions may be returned to the student.  Please contact the Admissions Office by email to make arrangements. 

International students: You can request irreplaceable documents be returned to you once you have received an official Acceptance Email.  Contact the Admissions Office (international) by email:
Please note, to return documents not requested by International Admissions, a courier fee will be charged.


Q. What about the transfer credits I earned at other schools?

A: If you were eligible for transfer credit, you would have received a transfer equivalency report with your acceptance letter, or check your Student History in WebAdvisor.

If you see that certain course work did not transfer, there could be a number of reasons: you may have reached the transfer maximum (60 credit hours); your course work did not qualify for transfer credit; we didn't have a pre-established UW transfer equivalency for that course; or other reasons. 

To discuss your situation, contact the Admissions Office at or phone 204.786.9159.  International applicants should email
You may be asked to submit course outlines (or syllabi) for your previous work - see Course Outlines


Q. What if I want to defer my admission?  Do I need to re-apply?

A:  Your admission is valid for up to three start Terms from the Term on which you were first admitted.  For example, if you are accepted for Fall Term, you may start in that Fall Term, or the Winter Term or Spring Term of that academic year.  Within that time frame, you will not need to re-apply. If you want to come the following Fall, you will have to re-apply or defer your offer of admission.

Deferral Process for Domestic Students: If you have been admitted in the Faculties of Arts, Business, Kinesiology or Science and would like to defer your offer of admission for one year, you will need to contact the Admissions Office for a deferral form.  We will then keep your application open so that you can register without re-applying.  If you attend another post-secondary institution you will need to submit that official transcript before you will be allowed to register the following year. A deferral of admission can only be done once and is only valid for one year.   For more information, please email Domestic Admissions Office at:  admissions@uwinnipeg or call 204.786.9159.

Note: Students admitted into the Faculty of Education cannot defer their offer of admission. They must submit a new application each year.

After your Letter of Acceptance has expired, if you are a new student that has not enrolled in any courses at UW, you will need to submit a new application. If you are a previous student who has not been registered  in courses at UWinnipeg for one or more years, you will need to complete an Application for Continuance Form

Deferral Process for International Students: Letters of Acceptance for  international students are valid for up to three start Terms from the Term in which you were first admitted.  Within that time frame, you will not need to re-apply, but you must notify UWinnipeg of your change of start date by completing one of the surveys below, based on when you were originally admitted:

Originally Admitted to Spring 2020:

Originally Admitted to Fall 2020:

Originally Admitted to Winter 2021:

After your Letter of Acceptance has expired, if you are a new student that has not enrolled in any courses at UWinnipeg, you will need to submit a new application. International students who have not been registered  in courses at UWinnipeg for one or more years must complete the application form.


Q. What if I need to designate someone else (e.g. parent, guardian, spouse) to register for me or to have access to my records (including grades)?  

A: If you would like to designate someone else to register on your behalf, you must complete and submit the "Authorization for Release of Information" form:
See Forms

The University of Winnipeg recognizes the privacy of individuals and the confidentiality of student records, as described in the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).  The University will not disclose your information without your written consent and will safeguard your information and use it only for authorized purposes. 


Q. Can I receive academic recognition for what I’ve learned through work and life experiences? 

Find out through Recognition of Prior Learning.  It is an educational initiative that provides learners with opportunities to identify, demonstrate and gain recognition for what they already know and can do.  It is for learners who have significant learning through work and life experiences, including military service.  This learning may be deemed appropriate to meet admissions requirements or be equivalent to university level credit.  For more information, see Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition.


Other questions?
Contact: The Admissions Office at 204.786.9159 or email
International applicants should email