When to pay?

Accepted Students

Payment deadlines: 

May 6, 2019 - for all Spring Term courses (regardless of when they start)

Sept. 19, 2019 -  for both Fall Term courses and Fall/Winter Term courses

Jan. 22, 2020 - for Winter Term courses


You can pay at any time after you register for your courses.  However, for Fall and Winter Terms, we recommend you start classes first, make changes if necessary during the "Add/Drop period," and then make your payment before the deadlines (noted above).  

For all Spring Term courses, the payment deadline is the first day of the Term, regardless of when your class actually begins. 

For details on the "Add/Drop period" for each Term, please see Withdrawal Schedules

The due date for tuition and fees will also be noted on your “Confirmation of Registration.”  

For more information, please see Fee Information