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P2GS Faculty FAQ

I have a student in mind, how do we decide which Indigenous Pathways program is for us?

Ttypically if a student has fewer than 60 credit hours, we encourage them to join the P2GS program. If they have 60 or more credit hours, we encourage them to join the ISSP. P2GS is only 4-weeks long. There is no cost to the supervisor or student. In fact, the students get paid as research assistants. The ISSP program is 12 weeks long, with a possible extension to 16-weeks if the student and faculty member are interested in and eligible for the USRA program. It is a larger commitment for the student and comes with a cost to the faculty member. Nora Casson (n.casson@uwinnipeg.ca) and Melanie Martin (m.martin@uwinnipeg.ca) are always happy to discuss the program with students and faculty members to find the right match for you!

How will I get matched with a student?

You submit a short profile*, which is posted on the P2GS website (see examples here). The students review the profiles and rank their supervisor choices. The P2GS coordinator will go through the student selections and assign students to supervisors.

*Faculty of Arts members may submit profiles as long as the research for the student can be classified as natural sciences and engineering. 

What is the time commitment required?

The P2GS program runs May 6 – 31, 2024. Students spend the morning taking classes to build up their science skills and prepare them for upper year science classes. They spend the afternoons (1:00pm to 4:30pm) working on their research projects. This is typically a combination of meetings with supervisors, direct supervision from supervisors, working collaboratively with other lab members and independent work.

What types of projects have P2GS students done in the past?

P2GS students are typically in their first or second year, and may or may not have a background in the discipline that their research project is in. Given the short time frame, students often learn a new technique, perform some data analysis, do a literature review, do a short experiment or some combination. Examples of past P2GS projects can be found here.

Where does the funding for P2GS come from?

The P2GS program is funded by NSERC Promoscience and the University of Winnipeg. Student stipends for the research in the afternoons are provided through the program. Supervisors are not responsible for funding the students.

My student needs safety training to work in the lab. How should I arrange this?

The safety training can be arranged the way it would be arranged for any summer student. If the P2GS scholar needs to miss the morning classes to attend the training, please just let the instructor know the scholar will miss the class.

Can I recruit students into the program?

Yes please. Please feel free to advertise widely. If you need some materials to put on your course website or hand out in class, please let Nora Casson (n.casson@uwinnipeg.ca) or Melanie Martin (m.martin@uwinnipeg.ca) know.

If you cannot find an answer to your question, please email Melanie Martin at m.martin@uwinnipeg.ca , or Nora Casson at n.casson@uwinnipeg.ca.

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