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How do I register and pay fees?

Theology, MFT and MDP, MA & MSc University of Winnipeg programs: visit this link for information on registration and fee payment procedures and deadlines.

If you are a sponsored student, contact Erin Proctor in Financial Services; coverage must be coordinated with your sponsor and UW Fin Serv before the due date for fees; failure to do this may result in late payment fees.

Joint Master’s Program students: All course registration is processed at the University of Manitoba; please contact your JMP Graduate Chair for more information.

If you’ve received an award or scholarship (A/S) and your fees are due: If the A/S exceeds the fees due, nothing else is required; if the A/S does not exceed the fees due, you must ensure the difference is paid by the applicable “due date” or late fees will be applied.

Where do I see what courses are available, what I owe, and my grades?

WebAdvisor is the University’s online registration system. "Student Planning" is the new online tool to help you plan your program of studies, create a timetable for each Term and then register for courses.

You need to log into WebAdvisor with your user ID and password; then you go to "Student Planning" to plan, select or register for courses.

If you are not logged in, you will only be able to view courses. If you’ve forgotten your user ID or password, click on ‘"Log in’" at the top of WebAdvisor and follow the prompts. For assistance, contact Student Central.

Where do I go to pay fees, submit forms, and get my Student ID?

Student Central (located on the first floor of the Rice Building - 489 Portage Avenue) is available for: Dropping off all forms (registration, transcript requests, application for graduation, personal information updates, confirmation of enrolment, letter of permission, etc.); fee payments and statements; providing your student ID card and Web Advisor account information.

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