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Registration FAQ

On this page you will find some registration reminders and answers to questions frequently asked regarding the University of Winnipeg's Faculty of Graduate Studies.

If you cannot find an answer to your question here or on the website, you can email us at gradstudies@uwinnipeg.ca.

Registration Reminders:

Before you register, it is important to know the following:

Emergency Contact Information:

Make sure your emergency contact information has been completed and/or confirmed every year; otherwise the system will not allow you to register.

Submitting Courses for Review or Approval:

Select Plan & Schedule and then Advising. If you have an assigned advisor, you can submit your course plan to your advisor for review by selecting Request Review.

Graduate Studies students MUST have their courses approved by their Program Advisor before registering for them. All graduate studies students are automatically assigned a Program Advisor and Program Chair. A special request is not necessary.

Please consult the list below for questions and answers regarding registration for courses at the University of Winnipeg's Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Registration FAQ

How do I register?

Theology, MFT and MDP, MA, MSc, and MEnv, University of Winnipeg programs: visit this link for information on registration procedures and deadlines.

Joint Master’s Program students: All course registration is processed at the University of Manitoba; please contact your JMP Graduate Chair for more information.

I have completed my application, and I am unable to register for courses. What should I do?

In order to register for courses, you must be admitted into the program that you applied for.

I am admitted into the program, but I still can’t register for courses. What should I do?

Your account may have an overdue balance which will place you on HOLD. In order to be able to register for courses, you must pay the fees that you owe.

Students who fail to pay their Fall and Fall/Winter course fees may be de-registered from their Winter Term courses. The University does not cancel students from on-going classes.

Students will have the option to re-register in courses (based on availability) once the outstanding balance has been paid.

When registering for courses online, do I select "sections" or "courses"? Also, am I selecting the "UW" term or the "graduate" term?

Students need to select “sections” instead of “courses”, and “graduate” terms instead of “UW” terms. Choosing the other options will not allow you to register for courses.