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Visas & Study Permits

ELP StudentAll international students require either a study permit or a visitors visa to study in Canada. If you are planning to study less than 6 months in Canada, then you may be eligible to study while on a visitors visa. If you are planning to study more than 6 months, then you must apply for a study permit.

The English Language Program may be required to provide the federal and provincial governments information related to attendance and/or proof of progress in a program for all international students. Such information sharing shall comply with applicable privacy legislation requirements.

Starting January 22, 2024, the Government of Canada announced caps on the number of study permits to be issued to each province. All new study permit applications require a Provincial Attestation Letter from the province where they intend to study.

Student Guide: "How To Apply for Visa & Study Permits from Outside Canada"

To determine if you need a visa or a study permit and for important step-by-step details and answers to frequently asked questions, read the our student guide on "How To Apply for Study Permits Outside Canada" Click a link to view as a PDF.

For additional information for International Students studying in Canada, click HERE.