Practicum Placement

English Language Programs

Unlike the other components of the English as an Additional Language Teacher Certificate Program (EALTCP), there is no 'class' for the practicum placement. This component of the program is arranged independently for each student. Regardless of the modality in which you took your classes (full-time, part-time, or online), it involves the following:

  • 10 hours of observation in an experienced ESL/EAL teacher’s classroom
  • 10 hours of supervised teaching in an experienced ESL/EAL teacher’s classroom

Please note:

  • There are very limited practicum placements available during the summer months
  • Depending on practicum registration, you may be placed on a wait list for your practicum

Please review the Practicum Handbook [PDF] for detailed information about the practicum component of this program.

Tuition and Fees

The in-course practicum placement fee is $250, and can be paid when the student registers for the placement. The stand-alone practicum placement fee is $500 for students that have not completed their course work with EALTCP. An application fee of $120 is required by first time applicants.

Process for the Practicum Placement

Step #1: Complete and submit the EALTCP - Part-Time/Online Application.
Note that this is not necessary for full-time students.

Step #2: Complete the Practicum Questionnaire [PDF] and submit to the program coordinator.

Step #3: The program coordinator will contact you with the details once a  placement has been found. Note: this can take several weeks, depending on the time of year.

Step #4: Contact your practicum sponsor teacher to arrange your schedule to begin observations.

Step #5: During your observation sessions, complete the Practicum Observation Tasks [PDF]. Log your hours in the Observation and Teaching Log found in your Practicum Handbook.

Step #6: Arrange your teaching schedule, and inform your practicum supervisor.

Step #7: Receive feedback from sponsor teacher and supervisor using forms included in your Practicum Handbook. Log your hours in the Observation and Teaching Log found in your Practicum Handbook.

Step #8: After observation and teaching are complete, submit all necessary documents to the program coordinator, including:

          a. Observation and practicum log
          b. Practicum Observation Tasks booklet
          c. Practicum sponsor teacher and supervisor forms (copies are acceptable)

Note: For students living in Winnipeg, this placement is arranged by the program coordinator. For students living outside of Winnipeg, the placement contacts must be independently arranged. Please contact Scott Poole, the EALTCP coordinator, at 204.789.1484 or for more information about this process.