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English as an Additional Language Teacher Certificate Program (EALTCP)

The EALTCP is a University of Winnipeg certificate program for individuals who would like to teach English as an additional language to adults either in Canada (EAL/ESL) or overseas (TESL/TEFL). It is offered on a full and part-time basis in class, as well as online.

The EALTCP is meant for individuals who:

  • Are currently teaching EAL/ESL and would like upgrade their education with a TESL Certificate
  • Have switched into English language teaching from other subjects
  • Wish to upgrade their EAL/ESL teaching skills by attaining a TESL certificate
  • Need a TESL Certificate to begin a new vocation in teaching EAL/ESL
  • Need a TESL Certificate to teach abroad

The University of Winnipeg's EALTCP is fully accredited with TESL Canada. The EALTCP is eligible for Professional Certificate Standard One.

Please note: The University of Winnipeg’s EAL Certificate is equivalent to an ESL Certificate and a TESL Certificate.  The UW program is named EALTCP to be concordance with wording used in Manitoba to describe language programs in the province.  Throughout our website, the terms ESL Certificate and TESL Certificate will be used, as these are common terms to refer to certificates gained to teach English as a second or additional language to adults.

Delivery Modes of the EALTCP

Students can take the course work for the EALTCP in one of three delivery modes: full time, part time, or online. Students can choose to switch between delivery models as they are getting their TESL Certificate.


The Full-time TESL Certificate program


The part-time TESL Certificate program


The online TESL Certificate program

Students that are currently in The University of Winnipeg's Bachelor of Education program who complete the EALTCP and receive their TESL Certificate will be eligible to transfer six credit hours toward their Bachelor of Education degree. Three of these credit-hours will be counted as a course equivalency for Introduction to Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) (course #15.4102/3) and three credit-hours will count as unallocated credit.

University of Winnipeg students who have completed Introduction to Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) (course #15.4102/3) may still register for the EALTCP and get their TESL Certificate. While they will not be eligible to transfer the full six credit hours to their Bachelor of Education degree, they will be eligible to transfer the three hours of unallocated credit towards their degree.

For students who have completed Introduction to TESL and who register for the EALTCP, there will be some repetition in terms of theory and methods as they complete their TESL Certificate.

UW students in other faculties who successfully complete the EALTCP and receive their TESL Certificate will be eligible to transfer six (6) credits hours to their UW degree. Three hours (3) will be accredited to Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)(EDUC-4102/3) and three hours (3) be will accredited as an unallocated Education credit at the 4000 level.

Please see for information on how to transfer your credit hours. You can also contact if you have any more questions about transferring credit.

Additional Information

Please view our Frequently Asked Questions.

For more information about the program, refer to our EALTCP Student Handbook [PDF].

For information on teaching EAL/ESL in Manitoba, please click here.

If you would like to make an appointment to meet with the program coordinator,  please email or call:

Registration Office
Room 1C15, Centennial Hall, 515 Portage Ave.
Phone: 204.982.1816