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ELP Conversation Club


Language practice doesn’t have to stay in the classroom. Our Conversation Club is designed to facilitate intercultural exchange, social connections and the enhancement of communication abilities. Participants can practice English listening and speaking skills outside of the classroom while meeting other UW students and building relationships.


14-week Program students are eligible for the Conversation Club

Program Highlights for Participants


Offering students an opportunity to make connections with University of Winnipeg peers


Enhance language, leadership, critical thinking, and self-awareness skills


Learn about different cultures and practice cross-cultural communication


Participants who complete at least 10 hours will receive a certificate of completion


Volunteers are native or fluent English speakers who enjoy sharing their knowledge of Canadian culture and learning about new cultures. Volunteers will be asked to complete the screening process to ensure appropriate levels of English Fluency for helping ELP students.

Program Highlights for Volunteer


Interacting with an EAL learner will expand your knowledge of different cultures and countries


Ability to help students with their English skills in a fun, interactive, informal environment

open door

Great opportunity for working abroad, becoming a teacher, gaining experience for a future career or simply helping


Volunteers who participate in at least six sessions will receive a certificate of completion

Program Information

The Conversation Club is an optional program held in person on a weekly basis. The Conversation Club is a safe, non-judgmental space for learning and all participants are expected to respect the rights, privacy, and culture of each other; including religious and political beliefs. Students are provided with program information at the beginning of each term.