Explore Program

English Language Programs

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Next Session: May 24- June 23, 2017


Official Arrival Dates

May 22 and May 23

Students must arrange travel to arrive on either of these days.  Prior arrivals must be pre-approved by the Homestay Coordinator and will incur extra charges which must be paid by the student.


May 24

All students MUST arrive to the Explore Program prior to this day

 First Day of Classes

May 25

This is the first day of both morning classes and afternoon workshops

Official Departure Dates

June 24 and June 25

Students arrange travel to leave Winnipeg on either of these days

The University of Winnipeg Explore! Program offers:

  • Placement tests to determine the most appropriate class for you
  • Small, friendly classes and workshops that are interesting, practical, and fun
  • Personalized and professional instruction by skilled and supportive instructors who are trained in second language instruction methods
  • Practical and effective classroom lessons and workshops
  • Many different activities & city excursions
  • Wireless internet access and the use of several computer labs on campus
  • Certificate and transcript
  • High academic standards that stress essential skills
  • Opportunities to experience the culture and lifestyle of a uniquely Canadian prairie city
  • Opportunities to form lasting friendships with fellow students
  • An opportunity to continue with a work placement through The Languages at Work Program           


  • We ensure that every student is placed in a class that reflects their level of ability and competence in the English language, which is determined for each student based on an entrance placement test.
  • Morning sessions focus on developing skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Practical workshops will improve your speaking skills, as well as your knowledge of our city's culture and lifestyle. 
  • Workshop instructors encourage creativity as you work in supportive environments on interesting cultural topics.
  • Students who participate in The Languages at Work Program, take a specialized workshop called " English in the Workplace" for the duration of the Explore Program.


  • Students benefit from their participation in scheduled social activities that begin when classroom learning ends. We offer activities during the week, and on the weekends * All activities are mandatory unless specified in the student calendar you will receive upon your arrival.
  • During socio-cultural activities you will have opportunities to practice your English and participate in informal English conversation. Students also experience local history and culture. summer festivals, the arts, sports and much more!

Explore Student Calendar [PDF]

Explore Student Handbook [PDF]


  • All of the participants in the Explore! Program at the University of Winnipeg are placed with homestay families during the length of their stay.
  • Every effort is made to find the best match for students & families involved in the program.
  • The benefits of homestay include many more opportunities for students to practice their English skills in authentic situations outside of the classroom.
  • Students must inform the Homestay Coordinator of all flight information including flight number, flight dates and arrival times as soon as travel arrangements to Winnipeg have been made. 

In English Please!

  • In order to maximize the benefits for every student in the Explore! Program, students are expected to follow a strict English only policy during class time and at every activity. When you arrive, you will be asked to sign a contract that seals your commitment to speak only English during the program.
  •  Students not honoring this commitment will be accountable to their instructors, activity leaders and all other program staff.

Special Needs

  • The University of Winnipeg will try to accommodate students with special needs whenever possible. Students with special needs who receive a bursary for the Explore! Program, must inform the program as soon as possible so that  arrangements can be made in time for the start of the program.
  • In the event that there is an Explore Program at another institution better suited to accommodate a special need, students may be directed to that institution as an alternate choice. 
  • Special needs costs arising from a choice of lifestyle, such as a vegetarian or vegan diet, or organic food will not be covered by the program. Only severe food allergies will be considered a special need. CMEC will require a medical certificate confirming the allergy.

Medical Conditions and Insurance

  • Students are responsible for all expenses related to pre-existing medical conditions. 
  • Appropriate insurance coverage from the students home province during the Explore! Program is also the responsibility of the student, and should be in place before participating in the Explore! Program. 

The University of Winnipeg Explore! Program is a partner with the Languages at Work Program

  • Languages at Work is a component of Young Canada Works (YCW) which provides work placement opportunities to students who complete the spring session of the Explore Program. For more information contact YCW at 1-800-267-5173 or
  • Students who participate in both the Explore and Languages at Work Programs, take a specialized workshop called " English in the Workplace" for the duration of the Explore Program.This workshop is designed to prepare you for your employment after Explore. Some of the topics include: effective communication in the workplace, building strong resumes and cover letters, improving your interviewing skills and more. 

Please Note:

  • To participate in The University of Winnipeg Explore! Program, applicants must be 18 years or older
  • Canadian residents or landed immigrants who have been enrolled as full-time students during the preceding academic year may be eligible to receive a bursary for this Program. 
  • For more information, please contact the Ministry of Education in your own province and ask about the Explore Program, or visit their website at:
  • The Explore Bursary Program is for Canadian Residents Only. All other students can apply to the June Intensive Program.