English Language Program

Craig Cheong

Application deadline

The program application deadline is two weeks before the program start date. Applications received past the application deadline can be submitted but acceptance is subject to space availability.

Application Fees

The application fee(s) are due with the submission of the program application form. For some program applications a tuition deposit of $500 needs to be included in the application fees. The final remaining tuition fee payment is due three weeks before the program start date. Tuition fees are listed on the application form or program website page. A $100 late payment fee will apply after the deadline. Students may be required to purchase course textbooks.

Letter of Acceptance

After we receive your application form, application fee and tuition deposit payments, we will send you an official "Letter of Acceptance" (LOA) for each session for which you have paid a tuition deposit/applied.

Applications & Forms

We advise that you download and save  application(s) before you fill electronically or print.

14 Week Full-Time Program
14 Week Full-Time Application Form – 2017–18  [PDF]
14 Week Full-Time Application Form – 2018–19  [PDF]

Part-Time Program
Part-Time Program Application Form – Spring 2018  [PDF]

Short-Term Intensive Program
January Intensive Program Application Form  [PDF]
June Intensive Program Application Form  [PDF]
July Intensive Program Application Form  [PDF]
August Intensive Program Application Form  [PDF]

Canadian Workplace Experience Program
Canadian Workplace Experience Program Application Form – Winter 2018  [PDF]
Canadian Workplace Experience Program Application Form – Summer 2018  [PDF]

ESL Teacher’s Certificate Program
Before completing an ESL Teacher's Certificate Program Application read the ESL TCP Application and Registration information carefully. To visit the ESL TCP Application and Registration page, click HERE.

ESL Teacher's Certificate Program Application Form – Full-Time – 2017-18  [PDF]
ESL Teacher's Certificate Program Application Form – Part-Time/Online – 2017-18  [PDF]
Note: Returning part-time/online students should complete the ESL Teacher's Certificate Program – Part-Time/Online Application Form.

Explore Program
For Canadian Residents Only: Canadian residents or landed immigrants who have been enrolled as full-time students during the preceding academic year may be eligible to receive a bursary for this Program. For more information, please contact the Ministry of Education in your own province and ask about the Explore Program, or visit their website at:

Application Information for Non-Bursary Students: To apply, please complete the Summer Language Program Application Form and return it to our office with the application fee and registration deposit. Fill in the homestay application form and include payment for homestay placement if you wish to participate in our Homestay Program.

Private Tutoring Application Form 2018  [PDF]

Document Requests
To request a document, e.g. Official Transcript, Certificate, Letter of Enrollment, Letter of Acceptance, and Computer Username Password, submit a document request form along with the correct fee/s listed on the application to  All fees must be paid in full before request can be processed. Please allow 3-5 business days for processing. 

Document Request Form  [PDF]

To Apply

1. Download your application(s).

2. Print and complete the application with required documentation.

3. Submit the completed application forms, fees and required documents in-person, via mail, or email to:

Registration Office
The English Language Program
The University of Winnipeg
Room 1C15 - 515 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3B 2E9

Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Call: 204.982.1703

For more information contact the Registration Office.

Homestay Program Application

Homestay Application Deadline

The homestay application deadline is four weeks before the program start date. Applications received past the application deadline are accepted but are subject to space availability. If possible, we advise you submit your Homestay Program Application at the same time as your Program Application.

To Apply

If you wish to apply to the Homestay Program submit a Homestay Program application form along with the application and placement fees. To learn more about our Homestay Program or to download a Homestay Program application, click HERE.

To check out our ELP Viewbook click HERE.