Full-Time Program

English Language Program

The full-time program has three streams: Foundations English, General English, and the Academic English. Classes are offered at various levels in each stream are held for 14 weeks, five days a week from Monday to Friday. There is a total of 25 hours of study and cultural activities per week. Each session includes a mid-term break that is one week long.

Foundations Stream
This basic to mid-intermediate stream focuses on integrated language skills. The morning classes have a strong emphasis on oral communication, vocabulary acquisition, and grammatical development which are integral skills for linguistic progress. Afternoon classes focus on grammatical structures and reading skills.

General English Stream
This high-intermediate to low-advanced stream develops English language skills for personal or professional reasons. Morning classes focus strongly on developing fluency in speaking and listening as well as grammar, reading, and writing. Afternoon classes focus on a variety of seminars, such as, Business English, TOEFL Preparation, Conversation, Writing, and Listening and Pronunciation. Afternoon classes vary from term to term and with the student's level of proficiency in English.

Academic English Stream
This high-intermediate to advanced stream prepares students for academic studies in English-medium institutions, either in High School, University or College, by developing the skills students require to be successful in an academic environment. Students will develop all four language areas (listening / reading / writing / speaking) in order to apply them in an academic setting. Students will improve their ability to take notes, read academic material, write essays and give presentations. Students also learn vocabulary they will use in University or College courses. At the highest level of the program, students will have the opportunity to begin their University studies by taking a first year business course: " Introduction to Business I" with the support of an adjunct course specifically developed to help English Language Program students to successfully complete their University course.

With the successful completion of the highest level of the Academic English Program students have:

  • Met the English language proficiency requirement for all University of Winnipeg programs including degree credit programs in Arts, Science, Education and Business.
  • Earned 6 university credit hours that can be applied to further study at The University of Winnipeg, 3 credit hours toward an undergraduate degree in the Faculty of Business Administration and 3 credit hours that are unallocated and be applied to any course of study.

Learn more about our program from the Student Handbook and our English Language Program Viewbook or Apply Now!

Program Dates

Winter Term 2017

Start:                           January 3, 2017
End:                             April 13, 2017
Midterm break:               February 20 – 24, 2017
Statuatory holidays:       Febrary 20, 2017 – Louis Riel Day
                                    April 14, 2017 – Good Friday

Spring & Summer Term 2017

Start:                          May 1, 2017
End:                            August 11, 2017
Midterm break:             June 19 – 23. 2017
Statuatory holidays:      May 22, 2017 – Victoria Day
                                   August 7, 2017 – August Holiday
                                   June 20, 2017 – Official CanTEST

Fall Term 2017

Start:                          September 5, 2017
End:                            December 15, 2017
Midterm break:             October 23 – 27, 2017
Statuatory holidays:      September 4, 2017 – Labour Day
                                   October 9, 2017 – Thanksgiving Day
                                   November 11, 2017 – Remembrance Day

Placement Tests

Please click the following links to view the placement test dates per term:

Program Costs

Tuition Fees

Application Fee $110
- Due with the program application
- Non-refundable and only apply to first time applicants

Tuition $3,450
- A registration deposit of $500 is due with the program application
- Balance of tuition due one week before the start date

Late Payment

If the Registration Office is not notified of a payment delay, a charge of $100 will be applied to the student account after the payment deadline. We do our best to provide an individual approach to each student case.


Students may be required to purchase textbooks for classes which can range between $60 – $120 per course and depend on course placement.

Health Insurance

Health insurance coverage is required when in Canada and a student insurance plan is provided with Students with study permits longer than 6 months also qualify for Manitoba health at no cost.

Fees per term:
- For students with valid study permits for longer than 6 months $100
- For students without a study permit $176.55


The Homestay program is for University of Winnipeg students. Students who choose this option are matched with an English-speaking host family for the duration of their studies.

- Placement $200
- Homestay for 105 days $2,450

Click HERE for more information or to apply for Homestay at The University of Winnipeg.

To Apply

For more information contact the Registration Office or click Apply Now! to start your application today.