Pre-professional Programs (to prepare for Law, Medicine, Dentistry….)

Accepted Students

Science studentsAre you considering applying to a professional program?  Consider your course selection in terms of laying the foundation for a short- term or long-term academic goal.

Pre-professional course work
If you have already decided that your academic goal is to apply for admission to a professional degree or diploma program (such as Social Work, Medicine, Engineering, Law, Radiation Therapy, Optometry and so on) at another university or college --or you would like to keep this option open-- you must become familiar and up-to-date with which courses must be completed before applying.

On the University of Winnipeg website, you can check out our programs and fact sheets here: Pre-professional streams. However, it is important that you consult the detailed information provided by the university or college offering a specific professional degree/diploma program. As a start, go to that university/college’s home page. You may also follow the link mentioned in the pre-professional fact sheet.

How can my UWinnipeg program help me go on to further studies?

Do you already have a plan to go to Graduate Studies? – perhaps to a Master’s in Medical Physics, Architecture, Public Administration, Occupational Therapy, Evolutionary Biology, City Planning, or Speech Pathology?

Do some research by first exploring the universities that offer the Graduate Studies programs you are interested in. [Note that the University of Winnipeg offers a number of Master’s programs.]

Then go to that university’s website to see what course and degree requirements you need to complete within your undergraduate degree, in order to apply to a specific Master’s degree program. Connect this with University of Winnipeg courses and program offerings at the undergraduate level. 

For more guidance on exploring and applying to graduate or pre-profesisonal programs, see the Career Services website: