Welcome to Graduate Studies at The University of Winnipeg, a student-centered research institution. Under the leadership of Dr. Mavis Reimer, Dean of Graduate Studies, the Faculty of Graduate Studies takes its mission to be to support and promote graduate education and research, to foster excellence in graduate programs, and to attract top national and international graduate students.

There are many good reasons for students to choose The University of Winnipeg for their graduate studies. We offer diverse programs, award-winning professors, and unique research opportunities. We are highly ranked among small Canadian universities. We are distinguished by small class sizes, personal attention to students, accessible professors, and downtown location. We aim to help students excel and to ensure that they have a superior student experience.

Launch of On-Line Application

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and TSC are pleased to announce that prospective students will be able to apply to the Graduate Studies on-line. The Graduate Studies On-Line Application solution electronically stores all application-related attachments (such as letters of reference and research proposals), making it easy to distribute the application to admission committees electronically and reducing the need for photocopying. For the Graduate Studies office, reporting on numbers of applications pending, submitted, and withdrawn is available at the touch of a button.

The Graduate Studies On-Line Application has an added advantage for prospective students - they can build their application over time, rather than having to enter all required information at one sitting. This makes it easy for the prospective student to craft carefully written statements and collect all the required documentation needed for graduate school application. This feature, as well as the professional appearance and performance of the On-Line Application, will help to create an application experience for all that reflects the high caliber of our Graduate Studies program offerings.

Note: Prospective students interested in applying for Marriage and Family Therapy or Theology would apply by selecting the highlighted link. Those who wish to apply to Joint Master's Programs will submit their application directly to the University of Manitoba.

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