Higher Education Teaching Certificate (HETC)

Graduate Studies

Higher Education Teaching Certificate (HETC)

The Higher Education Teaching Certificate is a part-time program designed for current graduate studies or honours students, or recent alumni wanting to prepare for teaching responsibilities in a university setting. It is intended to be an introduction to the teaching culture of academia, providing a foundation for the theory and practice of higher education and pedagogy. This certificate emphasizes course preparation, communication and presentation skills.

Student are required to complete Planning & Preparing to Teach, Teaching & Presenting in an Academic Setting and an 18 hour Practicum.

1) Planning and Preparing to Teach (DMISC 23036)

Preparation of a course syllabus, including the development of course objectives or course outcomes; preparation for teaching a course; philosophy of teaching and learning; evaluation; creating an assessment rubric; defending your assessment decisions; and issues related to course delivery. As part of this course, participants prepare a Teaching Point Of View (TPOV), Teaching Dossier and Curriculum Vitae (CV).

2)Teaching and Presenting in an Academic Setting (DMISC 23037)

This course provides students with the opportunity to acquire a set of teaching strategies ranging from direct to highly interactive, facilitative ones. As a result, they learn how to teach not just to their students but also, for, with and by them and meet both their cognitive and affective needs in the process. An important feature of this workshop is that all participants are provided opportunities to practice these diverse strategies and receive thoroughgoing feedback including videotape feedback.

3)Practicum (DMISC 23038)

As part of this course, students attend and engage in the following teaching and learning experiences: discipline-related workshops, conferences and/or departmental meetings/events. These experiences will be journaled and students will also participate in a supervised teaching experience of at least 9 hours involving classroom, seminar and/or lecture classes. The teaching experience includes mentored experiences through the processes of the preparation of a teaching plan, an assessment of the teaching and of the students’ progress.

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