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P2GS Student FAQ

What is the time commitment required?

The P2GS program runs May 1 – 26, 2023. You will spend the morning taking classes to build up your science skills and prepare you for upper year science classes. The afternoon (1:00pm to 4:30pm) is spent working on your research projects. This is typically a combination of meetings with supervisors, direct supervision from supervisors, working collaboratively with other lab members and independent work.

How do I know/how do I choose which Indigenous Pathways program is right for me?

Ttypically if a student has fewer than 60 credit hours, we encourage them to join the P2GS program. If they have 60 or more credit hours, we encourage them to join the ISSP. P2GS is only 4-weeks long. There is no cost to the supervisor or student. In fact, the students get paid as research assistants. The ISSP program is 12 weeks long, with a possible extension to 16-weeks if the student and faculty member are interested in and eligible for the USRA program. It is a larger commitment for the student and comes with a cost to the faculty member. Nora Casson (n.casson@uwinnipeg.ca) and Melanie Martin (m.martin@uwinnipeg.ca) are always happy to discuss the program with students and faculty members to find the right match for you!

How do I apply to the P2GS program?

Please complete an application, attach a marks statement*, and indicate the top 5 research projects listed on the P2GS website that you are interested in participating in.

*A marks statement can be a printout or unofficial transcript from WebAdvisor.

If any area of the application is complicated, please contact Melanie Martin at m.martin@uwinnipeg.ca.

What are the eligibility requirements for the P2GS program?

P2GS is open to 1st and/or 2nd year students who identify as Indigenous Peoples of Canada, Indigenous students who have declared a major in a natural science and engineering field or are planning to declare a major in a natural science and engineering field, and have a minimum of 15 credit hours completed as of April 2023.

Is there a minimum GPA requirement to apply to the P2GS program?

There is no minimum GPA requirement, what is most important is an interest in science and learning about science-based research

Will I be paid for my participation in the P2GS program?

Yes. Throughout the 4-week program, students will engage in science education during the morning and participate in a paid research program under the supervision of a UWinnipeg faculty member during the afternoon.

My friend/relative/classmate wants to know about the program. What can I do?

Please let the student know they can contact  Nora Casson (n.casson@uwinnipeg.ca) or Melanie Martin (m.martin@uwinnipeg.ca) for information and guidance and please show them our website.

If you cannot find an answer to your question, please email Melanie Martin at m.martin@uwinnipeg.ca, or Nora Casson at n.casson@uwinnipeg.ca.

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