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Selecting a Program

Why should I choose The University of Winnipeg?

With academic excellence at its core, The University of Winnipeg is an affordable and accessible post-secondary institution with a global vision. The University of Winnipeg offers fourteen distinct graduate level programs. Many of the master’s programs are multi-disciplinary and several are unique in all of Western Canada.

Whether you are continuing your education in the master’s level programs after completing your undergraduate degree or are contemplating a new field of study after being in the workforce, the graduate programs at the University of Winnipeg can meet your needs and exceed your expectations. You can check out the Graduate Studies Viewbook [.PDF, 2 MB] or read more about the benefits of choosing The University of Winnipeg here.

How do I find out more about a program?

The Programs page on our website will link you to each program’s website. The program fact sheets also contain valuable information about admission requirements. For specific questions about a program, you should contact the program chair.

Am I qualified to apply?

If you are unsure if you meet the program’s admission requirements as stated in the program factsheet, you should contact the program chair to discuss your eligibility. Most programs require a 4-year general or honours Bachelor degree to apply, with a minimum GPA of 3.0/4.5 (70%) and no grade less than C+ in the last two years of full-time university study. Some programs may have additional criteria or higher standards.

Some programs require higher English Language Proficiency test scores than those stated in the general University of Winnipeg English Language Proficiency Policy. A few programs for example, the Master in Management program may consider a combination of professional experience and education when recommending applicants for admission. For all programs, you should consult the program fact sheet and discuss any concerns about your eligibility with the program chair.

How many years does it take to complete a program?

In most cases the program website and/or factsheet will indicate the length of study.

For further questions, you should contact the program chair.

What is the total cost for one year?

Information about tuition and fees can be viewed here. Applicants interested in Joint Master’s Programs will need to follow the link to the University of Manitoba’s fee page.

What is the start date for my program?

The only start date for almost all programs is the Fall term (September). The Master of Science in Applied Computer Science & Society also accepts applications for the Winter term (January). For the Master in Management program, you will need to select the May-August term in the online application, as the first module of the program is held in August.

Can I apply as a part-time student?

Not every program accepts part-time applicants. For further questions, you should contact the program chair.

I want to apply for a Joint Master Program. How do I apply?

All application, registration and other administrative procedures are handled at the University of Manitoba. Please contact the JMP program directly for information about admission requirement and progresses.

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