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Online Student Testimonial

Donghyeun Youn - 14 Week Program

Donhyeun photo "By taking courses at ELP, I gained a lot of confidence in speaking English. I learned different levels of vocabulary, casual, formal, and academic, and practiced using it in different situations in class. Outside of class, I tried to talk to as many classmates and people in English and make as many friends from different countries as possible.

On Fridays, ELP arranged a lot of activities for the students to hang out together and practice speaking while visiting many places in Winnipeg. I had such a good time while taking classes at ELP, I filmed myself and my friends and posted them on Youtube. Also, I posted a lot of stories on my Blog. They are mostly filmed and written in English, which, I think, shows how much my English skills improved while having fun at ELP. After coming back to Korea, I took a TOEIC test and I found it very easy and got a high score without studying for it.

My goal is to work in a field where I can be part of solving global issues. ELP didn’t get me the job but it helped me equipped with the ability that I need to get a job in the field. I founded a group at my university that helps start-up companies and I had many presentations in Korean and, of course, in English. Without my experiences at ELP, I wouldn't have been able to do that."