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Online Student Testimonial

Boyeong Jeon - 14 Week Program

Boyeong photo "When I got accepted to undergraduate program in the University of Winnipeg, I had two choices, which were updating IELTS score or entering ELP Academic Pathway Program. Since I knew that it is better for me to stay in Canada and study with local and international students, I made a decision to take ELP courses, which was a really important step for me. And it is the best choice I’ve ever made.

While attending A5 at ELP, I learnt great things such as, how to speak English, how to get along with people who are from all over the world, how to participate in classes and how to write essays. Needless to say, I was worried about lectures that were only in English, however, I had the classmates and teachers who helped and supported me whenever I was in trouble. Thanks to them, I was able to overcome the difficulties.

Since I successfully graduated from A5, I feel that my English has improved a lot. I can speak and understand what people say in English. I have deeper understanding about Canadian culture. I am better at writing than I was ever before. Also, I can write emails to professors properly and I have friends who are going to university with me. The experience that I had in ELP was incredible and the skills that I learnt will be extremely useful for undergraduate studies. Thank you!"