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Online Student Testimonial

Winnie Nguyen Vo - 14 Week Pathway Program

Giselle's photo "The Pathway Program has taken me to a variety of emotional levels. However, my last opinion of the ELP program is that it is "very valuable experience."

At first, I was concerned that The Pathway Program would impact my financial strategy for my studies, which I did consider far more than normal, and I imagine you are thinking the same way I did. I'm here to assure you that if you enroll in the English program, you  won’t be disappointed.

The  Pathway Program not only develops your English abilities, but it also teaches you soft skills that will help you to succeed in your further studies  like  how to give a good presentation, think critically, use your time efficiently, and compose a variety of essays. You will also be introduced to the Canadian culture, which will help your integration into the region.

Last but not least, I've discovered that all instructors and coordinators in this course are like relatives to me. With their passionate love, they will teach and treat you very well.

Believe me when I say that the Pathway Program exceeded my expectations! You should consider to take it to warm up before diving into the main programs at The University of Winnipeg."