Graduate Studies

The Graduate & Professional Studies Application Expenses Bursary

The purpose of this bursary fund is to provide some assistance to current University of Winnipeg students with respect to the high costs associated with applying to graduate and professional schools. For more information, please visit the Awards page here.

Louis Riel Institute Bursaries

These awards are available to Métis students attending participating universities in Manitoba. The funds for this award come from the Manitoba Métis Federation and are matched by the university.

For consideration, students are required to submit the Opportunity Fund Bursary and/or the Awards & Bursaries application form by the specified due date in mid-September annually and indicate they are Métis. The Louis Riel Institute confirms if applicants are eligible (by verifying Métis ancestry or MMF membership) and the university chooses the recipients. Students are eligible to apply for this award every year they are at the university.