Distinguished Alumni Award


The University of Winnipeg Alumni Association's Distinguished Alumni Award honours alumni for outstanding contributions to their professions or their communities. Established in 1990, the award is the Alumni Association's highest tribute.

Past recipients include:

2019 - Dr. Todd Constable
2018 - Dr. Jitender Sareen
2018 - Janet Walker
2017 - Andi Sharma
2017 - Marlys Koschinsky
2016 - Frank Albo
2016 - Jennifer Frain
2015 - Gilles Paquin
2015 - JoAnne Buth
2014 - James Wilson
2014 - Peter Norton
2013 - Michael Nuul Mayen
2013 - Stefano Grande
2012 - Ida Albo
2012 - Susan Thompson
2011 - Margo Goodhand
2010 - Larry Updike
2010 - Nick Ternette
2008 - Howard Pawley
2008 - Earl Backman
2007 - David Martin
2006 - Rayleen De Luca
2006 - John Krahn
2005 - Raymond L. McFeetors
2005 - Shirley L. Render
2004 - The Honourable Sterling R. Lyon, PC, QC, OM
2004 - Sheldon Oberman
2003 - Dr. Thomas Axworthy, OC
2003 - Larry Wilbert Desrochers
2002 - Kathleen Margaret Bloodworth
2002 - Waldron N. Fox-Decent, CM, OM
2001 - Guy Arthur Maddin
2000 - Katherine Patricia M. Barber
2000 - Dr. John McNeil Langstaff

1999 - Lindor Marion Rose Reynolds
1999 - The Honourable P. Colleen Suche, QC
1998 - Dr. Jack D. Armstrong, CM
1998 - Joanne DiCosimo
1997 - Dr. Arthur Kazumi Miki, CM
1996 - Dr. Ruth M. Brend
1996 - Dr. Bill James Richardson
1995 - Dr. Fred Ralph C. Penner, CM
1994 - Dr. Lloyd Axworthy, PC, OC, OM
1994 - Dr. William Norrie, CM, OM, QC
1992 - Dr. A. Gerald Bedford
1990 - Delza Longman

Nominations Accepted for the Distinguished Alumni Award

Do you know a graduate who has made an outstanding contribution to his/her profession or to the community? Why not nominate him or her?

Selection Criteria

The Distinguished Alumni Award honours graduates of the University of Winnipeg who have distinguished themselves in either their chosen profession or in their community.

Graduates of The University of Winnipeg, The University of Winnipeg Collegiate, United College, Wesley College, and Professional, Applied and Continuing Educaion (formerly the University of Winnipeg Division of Continuing Education) diploma or certificate programs are considered alumni, and are thereby eligible for this award.

Sitting politicians, current faculty (as defined by the faculty awards), staff, and current members of the Board of Regents and the Alumni Association Council are ineligible for this award. There are no provisions for a group award or a posthumous award.

NOTE:  In 2019, Distinguished Alumni nominations will be due Friday, March 1st. Nominations are accepted throughout the year, and are considered for two consecutive years.  Download the nomination form here (PDF)

Check the Notable Alums page for names of other alumni who have achieved great success in their careers and in the community.