Incidental & One-Time Fees

Graduate Studies

In addition to the Program/Continuance Fees, incidental and one-time fees, listed below, are also applied.
For more detailed information, please consult the Glossary of Fees

INCIDENTAL FEES 2020/2021- Domestic & International Students

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, there is no Fitness Centre fee for the Fall & Winter.

RecPlex Fee 
Full-Time: $36.00 per term
Part-Time: $36.00 per term

Part-Time: $76.35

UWSA Building Fee
Full-Time: $22.80
Part-Time: $11.40

Information Technology Fee
Full-Time: $210.00
Part-Time: $105.00

ONE-TIME FEES - Domestic & International Students

Non-Refundable UWSA Fees
Full-Time: $67.05
Part-Time: $67.05

Fitness Centre Fee (No Charge)
Full-Time: $45.00
Part-Time: $45.00

Facility Fee
Full-Time: $139.98
Part-Time: $139.98