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19 results found for human resources.
Name Department Title E-Mail Phone Location
Mark Betcher Human Resources Manager, Pay & Benefits 204-786-9890 7RI43
Kurt Brown Human Resources Labour Relations Officer 204-786-9404 7Ri39
Doug Brownridge Human Resources Occupational Safety and Health Officer 204-789-4191 0GM05
Amber Dick Human Resources Senior Human Resources Consultant 204-988-7507 7RI29A
Nayomi Gajaweera Human Resources Senior Pay & Benefits Administrator 204-789-1489 7Ri37
Linda Harrison Human Resources Employee Health & Wellness Specialist 204-789-4230 7Ri29A
Cathleen Jeanson Human Resources HR Data Administrator 786-9016 7RI29B
Tarun Kumar Human Resources Pension Plan Administrator 204-786-9280 7RI05
Sheena Laurin Human Resources HR/Payroll Assistant 204-988-7648 7Ri05
Shelley Mangiacotti Human Resources Human Resources Consultant 204-789-1400 7RI42
Erin McCarthy Human Resources Human Resources Consultant 204-786-9132 7Ri31B
Alexis Morham Human Resources Executive Assistant N/A
Gina Schiak Human Resources Manager, HR Services 204-786-9066 7th Floor Rice Centre
Rasneet Singh Human Resources Pay & Benefits Administrator 204-786-9205 737
Kevin Smith Human Resources Manager, Safety and Health 204-786-9894 0GM05
Zahia Tamendjari Human Resources Compensation and Job Evaluation Specialist 204-789-4235
Mary Anne Walls Human Resources Pension Administrator 204-786-9280 7RI38
Bryan Ward Human Resources Manager, HRIS 204-786-9133 7Ri47
Marni Yasumatsu Human Resources Associate Vice-President, Human Resource 204-789-1451 7th floor of Rice Centre

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