Women's and Gender Studies

Group shot at a table

Axworthy Distinguished Lecturer Anita Sarkeesian with President Trimbee and feminist faculty from WGS, Rhetoric, Writing & Communications, and English

Group shot at booth at Future Student Night

2018 Future Student Night - Professor Fiona Green (WGS), Dallas Gillingham (WGS) and Karlee Liljegren (Disability Studies)

Faculty members group shot in a hall

The Fabulous WGS and DIS faculty!

Women's and Gender Studies promotes an intersectional approach to understanding social problems and phenomena. It pays special attention to the ways sex, gender, and sexuality are shaped by colonialism, racism, ageism, homophobia, and transphobia, as well as by constructions of difference based on class, (dis)ability, religion, ethnicity, and culture. Our unique department brings these perspectives to the university, and represents feminism in the academy. In our classes, students of all genders and sexualities learn about feminist movements to end sexism, exploitation, and related social oppressions. The department encourages diversity among its students and in its curriculum, and offers the means to contribute to social change.

Currently, there is a demonstrated need for people with a background in Women's and Gender Studies to take up work in such areas as social services, education, policy development, welfare, health care, counselling and therapy, law, media, advertising, public administration, finance, and management.