Theatre and Film

One Actor onstage dressed as an angel

Faust(us) – Photo: Dylan Hewlett Director: Christopher Brauer Set Design: David Hewlett Costume Design: Sean McMullen Lighting Design: Jason Robbins

A woman in a school boy uniform playing a tiny piano

Big Love - Photo Credit: Chris Coyne Director: Shelagh Carter Set Design: Sofia Lukie Costume Design: Rebecca Enns Lighting Design: Tori Popp & Stephanie Porrior


Ste Carmen of the Main - Photo Credit: Chris Coyne Director: Andrey Tarasiuk Set Design: Joseph Abetria Costume Design: Ksenia Broda-Milian & Casey Downes Lighting Design: Katherine Johnston

Actor in raptures of love

Twelfth Night - Photo Credit: Chris Coyne Director: Christopher Brauer Set & Costume Designer: Darryl Audette Lighting Designer: Sean E. McMullen

Three women dressed as 50's housewives singing a rock song

Vinegar Tom - Photo Credit: Chris Coyne Director: Kelly Daniels Set Design: Sean E. McMullen Costume Design: Joseph Abetria Lighting Design: Sofia Lukie & James Thurmeier

2021 - 2022 SCHOOL YEAR

We're so happy that we're able to offer most of our classes in-person in the 2021-22 academic year, and we look forward to welcoming you back!

As Registration begins this month, you can find specific information about what THFM is offering this year in video and list form at the links below (lists updated Aug 3, 2021):





Please be assured we will be abiding by all provincial & University guidelines for health and safety, adapting as required the strict protocols for hygiene, social distancing and cleanliness we've had in place for the past 18 months to keep everyone feeling safe and comfortable re-entering the Asper Centre for Theatre and Film.

If you'd like to talk through your plans or ask any questions, please contact Melinda at for Academic Advising and information on various courses.


Submissions are open for both the International and Domestic programs!  Get the information and application links here

Welcome to the Department of Theatre and Film! 

  • Are you planning to train for a career in theatre or film? 
  • Do you want your liberal arts degree to be exciting, practical and collaborative, and to prepare you for a wide range of careers? 
  • Do you have a hunger to have theatre or filmmaking as a “teachable” as you work on your Education degree? 
  • Are you just looking to take a theatre course or two to improve your presentation skills, build confidence, and complement your other studies?


Whether you’re interested in being onstage, backstage, or behind the camera, the Department of Theatre and Film at UofW can offer you all this and more. Our faculty of working professionals has established our reputation as the go-to centre in Manitoba for training in the practical aspects of making both theatre and film.  Our graduates are resourceful, knowledgeable, and daring and are able to work comfortably in a wide range of professions.  You only need to look at the program or credits for a play or film/tv project happening in Manitoba to see a long list of our graduates - proof positive that Theatre and Film at UofW will see to it that you are prepared.

We offer a 3-Year General BA in all streams, a 4-Year Honours BA in most streams, and a Minor.  Have a look at the menu on the left to learn more about degree studies in Filmmaking, Acting, Theatre Production and Stage Management, Directing, Playwriting, Design, and Drama in Education, and our joint Dance Program with the School of Contemporary Dancers.

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