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About Global College



The University of Winnipeg Global College fosters global citizenship and engagement in human rights through interdisciplinary teaching, research, dialogue, and action in local and global communities.

Global College provides students, faculty, staff, visiting scholars, and community leaders with ways to interact on their diverse perspectives about global citizenship, human rights, and other issues affecting local and global communities.

 Global College is an interdisciplinary collaboration at UWinnipeg that houses two academic programs:

Global College hosts two research and public education institutes:

 Global College is a doorway to the community and the world. Each year we partner with community groups and NGOs to host or co-sponsor dozens of special lectures, conferences, workshops, or advocacy initiatives related to our mandate.


For more information on Global College events email us at, explore this website for events and for relevant links, sign up for our monthly newsletter, or give us a call at (204)988 7105.


Welcome to our world of learning and action!