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Global College

Global College fosters Global Citizenship and engagement in human rights, development practice, and peace and conflict studies through interdisciplinary teaching, research, dialogue, and action in local and global communities.

The Global College is an action-oriented learning environment for Canadian and international students, bringing students and community members into contact with interdisciplinary faculty, visiting scholars, local leaders, and notable speakers from around the world. In addition to a 3 and 4-year programs in Bachelor of Arts in Human Rights, students are encouraged to discover their role within the local and global community through conferences, lectures, local and international human rights internships. The Global College also offers condensed intensive credit courses taught by visiting scholars and our faculty in Spring and Summer Institutes. 

Global College is host to two distinct Graduate degree programs: Master's in Development Practice: Indigenous Development and Joint Master's in Peace and Conflict Studies programs. 

Our graduates typically obtain work in various humanitarian fields. Our students pursue career in law, social advocacy, human rights agencies, government agencies, refugee organizations, arts and cultures. Some of our graduates work for non-profit organizations, while others decide to become researchers, expanding their knowledge and skills by acquiring Masters degree in their field of study.   

Welcome to our world of learning and action!

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For your questions and inquiries, please email us at global.college@uwinnipeg.ca or give us a call at (204)988 7105.