Co-operative Education Program

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Earn while you learn

The University of Winnipeg Co-operative Education Program offers students the chance to gain full-time, meaningful, and paid employment options while they attend their academic studies.  These opportunities allow students to gain valuable hands-on work experience directly related to their area of study.  The Co-op Program is open to the Department of Economics students, The Department of Business Administration students and the Department of Applied Computer Science students. If your area of study is outside of these three, please contact the Co-op Office to arrange a meeting to discuss your suitability for the program.

This work experience helps University of Winnipeg Co-op students learn about industries and organizations in their community and beyond; relate more closely with theoretical classroom knowledge, and test-drive their career.

  • The employment allows students to work directly in their field, apply their classroom knowledge, and is a paid position that is supervised by both the employer and the co-operative education office.

  • Through this experiential learning, students get a chance to practice the latest theories and approaches in their particular discipline. If they complete three Co-op terms with different employers, they will have a competitive edge when going out into the workforce and the opportunity to earn for their education.
  • By choosing alternate work terms with study terms, students are able to test theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom. This allows them to develop new skills, explore their career options more fully and network with potential employers.

  • Employer participation helps students receive a well-rounded education in both the classroom and the workforce while benefiting from the Co-op program.

  • Co-op students bring new ideas, fresh perspectives and enthusiasm to the workplace.

  • Co-op employers have continuous access to diversely talented and highly motivated students. They can meet their short-term human resource needs by working on certain projects and give employers opportunity to assess student performance for long-term recruiting needs. For more information on Canadian Co-op Programs, please visit Co-operative Education and Work Integrated Learning.

Deadlines for students to join the Co-op Program are as follows:

Summer Work Term Deadline: October 1 (May - August 2020) COOP I, II, III

Winter Work Term Deadline: October 1 (January - April 2020) COOP II, and III

Fall Work Term Deadline: July 1 (September - December 2019) COOP II, III


Please click Future Student if you're interested in joining Co-op for the first time; or Current Student if you've enrolled in Co-op, but you'd like more information on the program.  Contact for more information.