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Business & Administration



Despite being a comparatively young academic Department at the University of Winnipeg, we are one of the largest with over 1300 "declared" Business students learning with us at any one time. We have a reputation for, and indeed pride ourselves on, excellence in teaching across a growing and dynamic range of courses. In the classroom, we encourage students to look for ways to think critically about current events, use the skills we impart to them to identify issues/variables/parameters, and finally apply what they learn to solve complex real-world and simulated business problems. The result is that our students have gone on to work in a variety of fields in business and government, while countless others have leveraged their entrepreneurial spirit and started their own highly-successful businesses (for instance, CoPilot Co., PitCrew and Alivio Office Solutions). We are quite proud of our graduates.  Below is a video of Reid and Austin from CoPilot Co. about their creative agency here in Winnipeg and their time with us here in the Department:

Our academic staff are, quite simply, world-class. They come to us from all over the world and hold higher degrees from some of the most cutting-edge and prestigious academic institutions. We continue to welcome new colleagues almost every year to meet the increasing demand for our degrees. Our staff reflect a massive range of diversity in direct corporate experience, global research relevance/impact and education. At the time of writing, 1 in 4 of our staff are involved in, or are leading, externally-funded research.  This not only translates into an enviable research profile for our growing Department, but in almost all cases they bring that experience and insight directly to the classroom. This means students are at the cutting edge of knowledge generation and debate.

If you are a current student or a student who is thinking about studying with us, please see our dedicated help page where you can get answers to some common questions.

We hope you enjoy your time with us.