Sustainability Courses at UWinnipeg

Sustainability courses at the University of Winnipeg has been classified into two major divisions; Sustainability Focused (S-F) and Sustainability Related (S-R) courses.

Sustainability Focused Courses (S-F):

Courses that are concentrating on the concept of sustainability including its social, economic, and environmental dimensions, or examining an issue or topic using sustainability as a lens. 

Sustainability Related Courses(S-R):

Courses which incorporate sustainability as a distinct course component or module, or concentrate on a single sustainability principle or issue.

University of Winnipeg's Sustainability courses can be found here and the courses by department can be found below.



Business and Administration





Environmental Studies and Sciences


Graduate Studies


Indigenous Studies




Political Science

Religion and Culture

Rhetoric, Writing and Communications 


Urban and Inner-City Studies (UIS)

Women's and Gender Studies

Course Spotlight: 

Environmental Studies logo Critical Environmental Issues:
Campus Sustainability (ENV-4614)

Offered through the Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences, this course examines current issues in environmental studies and environmental science. While the content varies from year to year, the Winter 2016 session involved students completing a project on campus sustainability. Project topics stemmed from UW’s sustainability plan and were developed in consultation with the Campus Sustainability Office. The full course syllabus can be found here

Alan DiduckDr. Alan Diduck – Course Instructor: ENV-4614

Dr. Diduck is the Acting Associate Dean of Science and serves as a professor in the Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences at UWinnipeg. He is also a member of UW's Centre for Forest Interdisciplinary Research and Environment & Society Research Group. Most recently, Dr. Diduck took on the development of the Campus Sustainability course that was delivered during the Winter 2016 term. Student project work from the first session of the course can be found here

Watch this video to hear how the course allowed students to deepen their understanding of sustainability management by bringing their own ideas to life.