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Grass Routes Sustainability Festival 

An ANNUAL CELEBRATION of ideas, skills, and creativity for a sustainable future. 

Through workshops, exhibits, and various lecture/dialogue events, the festival seeks to engage discussion about what sustainability means, what a sustainable world might look like, and how we might get there. 

Presented by: The University of Winnipeg Students Association (UWSA) and The Campus Sustainability Office

Partners include: The University of Winnipeg and The Uniter

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The Good Life

In collaboration with the Campus Sustainability Office, student filmmakers Hillary Beattie and Katrine Deniset host a conversation on The Good Life. This film was presented as part of the Grass Routes Sustainability Festival. 

Discussion in the round

Other Events

Throughout the year the Campus Sustainability Office hosts and supports a number of events on campus and in the community. These can include: workshops, consultations, presentations and speakers, films, and building tours. 

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