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GOAL 1: Exceed Canada’s commitments under the Paris Accord

Climate change remains one of the most pressing global issues of our time.

Reducing our own greenhouse gas emissions therefore remains a fundamental part of our sustainability work.

The University has a role to play in continuing to demonstrate what is possible in Manitoba. We can begin to mainstream renewable energy installations in our province while continuing to achieve deep emission reductions. Electricity rates are projected to go up considerably in the years ahead and carbon pricing is also expected to drive up the price of natural gas.

TARGET 1: Achieve a 50% reduction of scope 1 (direct emissions related to operations – i.e. heating) and scope 2 (indirect emissions – i.e. electricity) GHG emissions compared to a 1990 baseline by 2020 and achieve 0 emissions by 2035. 

TARGET 2: Aim for 5% of total energy use on campus to be derived from unconventional renewable energy sources (solar, geothermal, wind, sustainable biomass) by 2025.

TARGET 3: Establish baseline for key scope 3 (emissions that occur as a consequence of operations, but not owned or controlled by the University – i.e. air travel) by 2017, report annually on them moving forward, and set a reduction target by 2018. 


How are we doing?

For detailed year-by-year progress, see our Performance Reports

For progress over the years, see our History and Accomplishments

Keep an eye out as we transition to a new reporting framework to match the 2017 Sustainability Strategy