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How green is your office? Join the GOP TODAY!

Check out the CSO's new Green Office Program and find out how you can help make your workplace more sustainable!



Use Sustainable Transportation!

Please consider using a sustainable mode of transportation to campus! This could include walking, cycling, rolling, busing or carpooling. UW Staff have access to our sustainable transportation showers, bicycle parking, the UWSA Bike Lab, the Employee Sustainability & Wellness Account and more!

Please visit our Transportation page for more tips on how to use and access sustainable transportation resources at UW. 

UWinnipeg is listed by Walk Score as:

  • A Walker's Paradise: 97/100
  • A Rider's Paradise: 92/100
  • Bikable: 64/100

 Ride with Peg City Car Co-op!

All UWinnipeg Staff & Faculty have access to UWinnipeg's Peg City Car Co-op membership to travel or carpool to work outings!


The Sustainability & Wellness Account! 

All Staff and Faculty have access to the Sustainability and Wellness Account, through U of W. The Sustainability and Wellness Account is a finanical incentive to make sustainable choices!

This initative offers $75 to $100 in reimbursements to encourage healthy living for employees as well as better health for our communities and the environment. It achieves this by helping to offset the cost of physical activity, wellness programs, recycling, sustainable transportation, etc.


Join the Campus Sustainability Council! 

The Campus Sustainability Council is composed of students, faculty and staff with particular expertise and/or operational responsibility in aspects of campus sustainability. 

This approach recognizes the strengths and abilities of all members of the campus community and supports partnerships across the University to achieve the goals outlined in the Campus Sustainability Strategy.

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