Campus Sustainability Office

Transportation by bus, bike, car-share

The results from the 2018 Commuter Survey are in! Find out more.

Transportation is important to sustainability performance, as carbon emissions from planes and automobiles are among the largest sources of greenhouse gases globally. At UWinnipeg, we are concerned with reducing our transportation-based emissions on two fronts: long distance travel and commuter travel.

The Sustainable Transportation Policy [PDF] encourages students, staff and faculty, to adopt modes of transportation that:

  • Reduce consumption of fossil fuels used for transportation
  • Reduce the material and resource-use intensity of transportation
  • Reduce and eventually eliminate discharges of toxic substances, wastes, and pollution, including GHG emissions
  • Increase equity of access to transportation services



Since 2005, the University has: 

  • Made continued improvements in tracking University travel mileage - accrued mostly from business-related trips requiring flights and car rentals as well as inter-city bus travel for our school’s sports teams

  • Seen the creation of the Bike Lab, access to showers, and more secured bike parking to make cycling to campus more desirable

  • Partnered with the Green Action Centre on a commuting tool for a ride-matching service and other transportation resources: GoManitoba

  • Entered into a partnership with Peg City Car Co-op. Carsharing is a practical and affordable alternative to car ownership. It helps meet transportation needs off campus while allowing for commuting by transit, cycling, and walking.

  • Commissioned a commuting survey through the Green Action Centre in 2015. Public transit was the most popular commuting method for students and staff. Staff were found to be more likely than students to drive or carpool, but also about twice as likely to bike or walk. 

  • The U-Pass initiative is also helping the University cut carbon emissions by incentivizing transit ridership. During the seven months that the U-Pass was available in FY2016, over one million U-Pass rides occurred on city buses. This number includes students from both UWinnipeg and the University of Manitoba. 


  • Our current goals can be found in our 2017 Sustainability Strategy HERE
  • Details on our most recent accomplishments can be found in our annual performance reports

More information about sustainable transportation tools and opportunities can be found HERE